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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finishing Is Everything

UPDATED! April 25, 2010

Team Run On! Gets It Done! We finished the marathon relay! Big Cheers to Brenda, James, Lee, and Dawn for great individual runs. It was a beautiful spring day in Oklahoma City with sun and winds from the northwest (rather than the south) which made for a more enjoyable finish. I was glad to have the wind at my back running down Classen and Broadway. -- Jonathan

On April 25, 2010, less than 1 week away, Team Run On! will be running a marathon relay at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. The 10th annual "run to remember" and fund-raising event.

Team Run On! celebrates life by running for the moment. As a relay team, we are accomplishing more than what we could currently do as individuals. Where in the past (and future) we may be concerned with setting personal records, this time it is much simpler: we are here for the moment. Our times may be relative, but finishing is everything.

CHEERS! to Team Run ON! and to all the participants in this year's OKC Marathon. I am proud to be running with you. Hope to see you all at the finish!

-- Jonathan

Available Sunday, April 18, 2010
"Finishing Is Everything" Free instrumental rock music for all runners. Bold music at 180 beats per minute intended for a final burst of speed at the finish.

"Finishing Is Everything" is available for download if you sign up for my rarely published e-mail newsletter. And, there are other free selections from the Run On Sentences collection available too. I am currently composing and testing running music.

Later this year, I will send an newsletter e-mail announcing that Run On Sentences is available for purchase through iTunes and other outlets. So grab the free music now and RUN ON!

Run On Sentences
Team Run On! shirt
Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

Team Run On! Sampler
(arranged by beats per minute)

Linwood Studios, Oklahoma City
Music and Photographs, Copyright 2009, 2010.

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